- the gchat sessions -

This week Audy and Elvin discuss the mediation of the dichotomous struggle between
commercialism and metallic phallic aggressiveness of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Audy:  so yeah transformers I like your term "Beyhem" that to me was classic

Elvin:  I think dude has shirts made that say that
he knows exactly what he is doing

Audy:  I think he is our chiseled, oiled up douchebag director, he has built his corner on that

Elvin:  and it works not many others can do that

Audy:  I don't think it works man, he is a hack, he doesn't care to be daring or intelligent, he just wants to cater to dumb, low input self gratifying work

Elvin:  but i think it works because he accepts that is who he is..You have some film makers who claim they are artists and try to do all this stuff and it sucks..but he’s like I’m just trying to blow shit up and make it looks cool, i dont care so much about story..not saying its right but at least he isn’t trying to be something he isn’t

Elvin:  he is laughing to the bank..15% RT review, 100 million in the bank in the US..fuck i wouldnt give a damn either..well i lie i probably would lol

Audy:  Yeah money is one cathartic justification, and again, that's fine. But he's a hack, and he is uncreative in every which way. Lets face it, that franchise sells itself, it’s a toy line, kids need a movie to go to in the summer so a lot of that has to do with the Brand and not Michael Bay. Sit here and blow shit up, come up with corny ass jokes, lack of depth and dimension in your films does not justify that he isn't a hack. I can come up with a movie and blow shit up. He has a certain visual eye, I will give him that and my favorite movie of his Bad Boys is a classic but his filmography is shit, money or no money and if he is happy with only 8 year old kids loving his money than more props to him

Elvin:  I see your point..i agree its that level of what you are happy with and his is way lower than some people.  In a different persons hands it could be so much more amazing..maybe one day ill have the knowledge and technique to be a director and do my own reboot

Audy:  exactly
I did still get a thrill when the autobots transform

Elvin:  did you like the new transformation ones?

Audy:  nah

Elvin:  thank you lol

Audy:  I like Goodman

Elvin:  yes..he was my VIP of the movie

Audy:  Hmmm that's a good one I would have to agree he is the MVP of the movie
I will bring that up on the Podcast tomorrow

Elvin:  yeah i think that should be an ongoing part of reviews/critique like who was the VIP/slept on person of the Quicksilver in the Xmen movie

Audy:  right
I think my MVP's in no particular order is John Goodman, Quicksilver, and Bill Paxton from Edge

Elvin:  I would agree on all three of those..and I would add Ice Cube from 22 Jump Street as well

Audy:  Yes Ice Cube or the random guy in the room during the final battle between Jonah Hill and the girl

 Elvin:  Oh and Bingbing Li can GetGet It

Audy:  LMAO
She was rocking the shit wasn't she

Elvin:  OMG i think im in love lol

Audy:  I hear that man so what else did you walk away with from the movie

Elvin:  I thought it was great that Optimus killed Kelsey at the end. I don't think I've ever seen Optimus so angry. I loved that

Audy:  i thought Mark Wahlburg was solid and held the movie down when he didn't have to do comedic bits in the beginning of the movie. I thought the movie really gelled when tucci, wahlburg, both kids and John Goodman and Optimus was trying to get the Dinobots, that 20 min sequence was the movie at its best. And I thought the Daughter was good. I liked her and she was tough and not fake or entitled

Elvin:  So def a step up from Megan Fox and Shia?

Audy:  I feel a big step up from Fox - She was more approachable, more down to earth and there was an eagerness and again she showed heart Thumbs up on the girl and in fact she is your star for the next two

Elvin:  I was blown when funny dude from Silicon Valley died. I like him

Audy I like him too but he was I felt really annoying, like again that's my critque about Bay and the screenwriting, like TJ Miller got comedic skills, and Bay didn't bother using Miller to his strengths as an acerbic, smart, confident smart ass - he was reduced to a fucking punchline. You know how you can't believe Wahlburg is a inventor? Well I can't believe TJ Miller as a witless imbecile

Elvin:  Good point. He could have just been left behind. He might have been a good addition in the future sequels for some comic relief

Audy:  right the brilliance of Miller is that he looks like a World of Warcraft nerd, but then he has all of this misguided charisma and confidence and you're like this guy shouldn't be like this but then you buy into that - his persona I mean, the last person that could do that effectively was Jack Black in his heyday

Elvin:  Right. Another problem I had until I looked shit up was with The blue and green autobots. They seemed anti team fighting against bumblebee and hound and I'm like wtf is this dysfunctional family. Then I looked up that Drift was ex deception and I'm like ok I can kind of buy that then
They took a lot of stuff from the newer transformers cartoon and shit and me I prefer classics

Audy:  I think it could had really been Bumblebee, Hound, Prime and the Dinobots
thats all yo neeed

Elvin:  Yeah. I would have also kept Ratchet. Kill some of those other no name autobots from part 3 that were left

Audy:  see too much shit too many characters
Hound, Ratchet Bumblebee, and Prime with the Dinobots, Just the girl and stanley tucci for the good guys, Knockout alone - I liked him

Elvin:  Yeah I was feeling him. A man with a mission so to speak

Audy:  he was just bad ass with the night vision

Elvin:  I thought he was going to be Galvatron at first

Audy:  I don't think they need Galvatron
bring Galvatron at the end I mean he was an afterthought anyways

Elvin:  It ties back to the series. You need the Megatron essence. All he really did was reform and escape he really had no role in this other than setting up for the future.

Audy:  yeah but again Bay padded on too much time for him to become Galvatron. You could had just not focused so much on his return and his major plot piece that he was behind it and that he was the one that released the hounds to start a war in china. Keep is basic, keep it essential, more robots, bigger louder doesn't mean creatively better. Keep Megatron in the background looming like Voldamort in the harry potters, that like you said his presence is felt but we don't actually have to physically go through the motions of him cause that is taking less screen time away from a proper bad guy Knock out, he was the best villian out of the whole series

Elvin:  Yeah. More knock out less Galvatron. Hell you could have had knock out corrupt the human made transformers to start the war. Then teased that Galvatron was something more than just a puppet transformer. That was the other thing I was missing. Real deceptions. Couldn't we get some cybertron backups or something.