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Godzilla 2 gets a release date in 2018 to improve upon the lethargic first one.

Bad Boys 3 is happening. Why not? Martin needs a comeback and Will just needs to stop being a stagemom.

A Kate Plus Eight special is coming in December. Apparently TLC can't stop ruining America. Time to break out our Ed Hardy shirts!

Amid news of early production woes, Marvel finally has started filming its new “C” level superhero darling, 'Ant-Man.' Somewhere, Edgar Wright is sipping Mai Tais, chilling. 

"Lachey's Bar" is a docuseries about brothers, Nick and Drew Lachey. Hey, it worked for the Wahlburgs and its "A" List Academy Award nominated actor and producer sibling so it should work two middling 90s boy banders in a middling pop band. I see gold, Jerry, GOLD!

::FINGERS CROSSED:: I hope this is the one for The Rock I really do or else I will jump off a cliff or watch my copy of “The Rundown” DVD, not sure what’s worse.

I like Rodriquez, and here are his best 10 movies, which should have been hard to find. 

Bale, Blanchett, Serkis and Cumberbatch, Americans need not apply – sorry Lindsay Lohan. 

Second part of Kevin Smith’s “True North” trilogy. Looking forward to seeing Johnny Depp returning to his horror comedy roots since Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Can't say I'm surprised by this because what else does AMC have? They all can’t be the Walking Dead. I'm more shocked Low Winter Sun didn’t pan out derp! 

Billy Crystal showing love is an excellent touch. Proves that Robin Williams was a comic’s comic. 

This is a good move. Yates did a heroic job on the Potter series. Bring on the trilogy, say Avada Kedavra to your money, bitches! 

Jennifer Lawrence possibly joining Tarantino's, The Hateful Eight. Ok? I don’t hate this as much as I hate her possibly being a part of it. I know my JLaw fatigue has set in. 

CHRIS “MUTHAFUCKING” PRATT!!!!!! That is all (Man Crush horns are sounding as we speak).

Pee Wee is still alive!! Is he bringing back the talking blue couch from the playhouse too?? 

This is the most normal Michael Keaton’s ever looked

Who are you??? I’m Birdman! For the 12 people on the planet that ever wondered what happened to Michael Keaton, your questions are weirdly answered. In the movie, ‘Birdman,’ directed by Alejandro Inarritu, we see the titled star walking down a long hallway that appears to be in the back of a stage. Disgruntled and fragmented out of his mind, he cruise missiles his way to the dressing room as the movie’s mockumentary film style hits you in the face, and in the background, a stripped down version of the excellent Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ is playing. The premise of this strange but amusing film is that Keaton plays “a washed up actor who once played an iconic superhero” who must overcome his fragile ego as he mounts a Broadway play in a bid to reclaim this past glory. I love a good meta storyline and this one looks like it would not disappoint. This trailer has everything a good trailer should show – familiar faces, an intriguing premise without giving away all the critical plot points, and visual flair. It shouldn’t take Keaton a very long time to connect with the audience under this character. Inarritu, who is a very good director but not one of my personal favorites has an impressive catalog with ‘Babel’, ‘Amores Perros’, ’21 Grams’ and ‘Biutiful." He seems to want to personally experiment in a different theme from his typically form with 'Birdman.' This is the first time I recognize that Inarritu is blending different movie forms from fantasy to slapstick humor to a study of an washed up actor to shades of 'Donnie Darko' - post apocalyptic  derangement. 'Birdman' is a realistic superhero movie spoof that ironically saves Keaton’s career as much as the genre destroyed it. We shall wait and see. 

0:36  |  “How did we end up here – In this Dump, You were a movie star?” Smash through that door Keaton META ALERT!!!

0:53  |  Emma stone looking longingly at a post apocalyptic comet headed towards her, should I be concerned?

1:03  |  Marching Band on stage in a wide lens camera angle, but no Nick Cannon gyp!

1:21  |  Keaton vs Norton slapboxing in their underwear is already better than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice 

Birdman is released in theaters October 17.
Starring: Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Edward Norton, Naomi Watts and Zach Galifianakis


‘The Knick’ Soderbergh’s medical mind-fuck time warp. 

Starring Clive Owen, The Knick, is a penetrating drama that focuses on the early stages of turn of the century surgical/medical practices in New York City. The Knick is a moniker of “The Knickerbocker’ the aptly titled hospital where Owen’s Dr. James Thackery is the Chief Surgeon. Brilliant but ornery, he possesses a handsomeness in a misleading despicable way as he operates through mistrials and arrogant tribulations while being high on cocaine. The complexity of Thackery is that his intentions are noble, as he knows he is at the pioneering forefront of surgery. He is seamlessly transitioning the whole surgical industry from the back of “barber rooms” to the wards of hospitals and is honestly determined to stridently help people in the name of science and his own reputation. The 11 one hour episodes show is on Cinemax, Friday nights at 10:00pm. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, he masterfully commands the lighting, camera and blocking to a visual delirium. He is one of the few directors regardless of medium that inherent talent like his shines. Now, I’m not the most well versed TV expert, but I know that typically for polished, big named, time period tentpole shows like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones, Sundays are game days. But on a Friday, Cinemax isn’t really demonstrating any sign of confidence. For me however, since it’s the summer and we all know summers on TV are like the plague, it's incentive for me to give this show a chance even if Cinemax airs it on at the same time as Shaun T’s infomercials. I’m grateful I did because there is an unusual macabre presence for a summer show is rarely focused upon. I have finished the first two episodes in which for all of Dr. Thackery’s brilliance, it don’t mean shit when you have limited resources cutting up live patients and pig organs instead of actual cadavers (those go to the big entitled med schools and hospitals) and that is where the show's hook comes from. As fascinating as Owen’s lead is, and how authentically perverse the peripheral world and it’s inhabitants are, and how masterful Soderberg’s directing can be – the hook of ‘The Knick’ is the provocative way that Thackery and the rest of this merry band of old school doctors focus who not only crudely hack and slash their way to possibly save the patient but also use them as a test subject for radical procedure to prove their brilliance in this arms race for turn of the century surgical procedure. Trial and error with live human capital has never been paid at the cost of medical collateral damage until now. This show doesn’t have a happy ending with the patients and there is no feeling of (then) modern medicine effectively saving lives. Through this show's interpretation, one can see a doctor and his staff trying to “break a couple of eggs to make an omelette” or “see a licensed serial killer carte-blanching his way to ironically save lives but piling the bodies all over the place.” Either way – this is television viscera on the deepest of levels.