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Nicki Minaj’s 'Pinkprint' (a response to Jay-Z’s 'The Blueprint') is getting pushed back from November 24th to December 15th for who knows what the fuck for. Don’t worry young boys, you can still watch her ‘Anaconda’ video until the album comes out (Like people actually buy Nicki MInaj albums anyways. I know they do, I just wanted to be a little snarky).

Its officially official, John Carter is coming to True Detective 2. Read my thoughts on the casting here. I digress, not the biggest Taylor Kitsch fan, and something tells me that he will be averaging the shit out of this performance. I mean, was Sam Worthington not available? Is he too busy playing himself as a statue in Central Park?

This is a good sign, because the Lego movie was pure unadulterated fun. Had a wonky ending, and too much Will Ferrell than I care to take, but the movie won and won big. Sure this has a certain “we’re obviously coming back” smell to it, which of course is the scent of the mighty green dollar. Both a commercial and creative win – can't wait for it to come out soon.

Look, I don’t know if what the deal is with this whole Dr. Strange casting panty tease. We have gone through Joachin Phoenix rumors, then Ewan McGregor rumors, and now, Cumberpimp may or may not be the dude. Shit! What's really important is that Strange is an important component into Marvel Studios and the next seven phases to take the battle to Thanos’ front door step in space and wreck shit like an intergalactic, Van Damme – bloodsport kumatai.

In unfortunate news, HBO lays off over a 150 employees in response to streamlining their business. In addition, HBO is making plans to have just a streaming service online because Netflix is berating them to a crying oblivion like a cable version of J.K. Simmons complete with a black muscle t-shirt.

Per a Variety showcase piece on Eddie Radmayne (yes the guy who sounded like Kermit the frog with a struggling muppet verbrato in Les Miserables) is intimately explaining what took to copy, live and breathe as one the most brilliant astrophysicist in modern history, but to also convincingly pull off the physical limitations that ultimately hampered Hawking. Excellent article. You could be seeing your best actor at this upcoming Academy Awards.

Studio is releasing Divergent’s second installment titled Insurgent on 3D showing, and titling the overall series Divergent: Insurgent. Makes sense – In the United States, its pretty much a given at this point any franchise blockbuster is going to come out in IMAX, 3D, 3D IMAX, etc. Can’t be mad at the decision makers that be for wanting to maximize the earning potential of the movie/franchise.

Warner Brothers has sped up the release date of Entourage the movie, for those 12 people in the world that are clamoring for nothing to happen, while four average guys, one above average guy, and one guy that used to be in PCU do nothing but party, burn cash, and find Vinny’s next project for him to fuck up, while still tying everything back in nice, neat little bow at the end. Mark Wahlberg has Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet like clout in Hollywood.

One of my existing favorite collaborations are the Coens and Clooney, from Oh Brother to Burn After Reading. "Don’t know much, but I know I love you." 90’s soft rock ballads aside, I’m anxiously waiting for more details to come out of this promising collaboration.

Looks like Michael Bay is taking some time away from profiting off my traumatizing childhood with dumb masterbating non-sensical robots, to craft together something that is more polictically aware. As much as I hate his yahooing bro-off on everything, he does have a certain design style eye that makes me appreciate his presentations, even though he is a douchelord.

Whedon puts his comic geekdom marks on Avengers: Age of Ultron stating it’s a “global” film that will wrap shooting in places like Africa (no ebola please) China etc. I like the manner in which Whedon is taking the, already well built up size and scope of the first one, and enlarging it even greater.

Reboot, reboot, reboot – I’m not a big fan of the Terminator franchise, but I understand its importance. So there you go.

1. Its good to see Bichir doing work - one the best more underrated actors in all of Hollywood, stars in this movie where it focuses on the latino south la culture and lowriders. Bichir plays the father of a boy who is, I guess caught between that life, and still trying to understudy his father’s guidance, which leads me to 2. Didn’t he already do a role like this before in 2011’s A Better Life?

What everyone is waiting for – another Pee Wee movie. Burton’s was fantastic in a weird, trippy adolescent sense, but I wonder what the premise is for this one? Judd Apatow and his golden beard will produce so it will get traction marking a good comeback for Mr. P.W. Herman.

Channing Tatum is coming to the Xavier’s School for the Gifted throwing charged up cards around in his best haphazard Cajun accent. With his recent rise, the star power fits with Fassbender, McAvoy and Old Man Jackman, and to be honest – Tatum is pretty likable. So much better than anything Taylor Kitsch could bring to the role.

Damn, you are Uma Fucking Thurman – you were in Kill Bill Vol 1. and Vol 2. Like Michael Keaton’s Birdman – ::: husky baritone ::: How did we end up here, you were in Kill Bill, they love you, fuck em’ lets do what makes people happy and get back into franchises – Kill Bill Vol. 3: Killer Bill.” Anyways, I digress. Uma, you are better than this, streets got to eat, but get back in film, we need you there, not NBC.

New trailer from the move Serena starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, in a second collaboration, where they are playing post modern couple that probably hates each other, or Jennifer Lawrence walking through the whole picture as if she came up with the idea of life, and has all the answers in her magic 8 ball of obnoxious, ad nausea, mall girl voice.

Gone Girl is now Fincher’s highest grossing film in the United States – beat out The Social Network and The Curious Case of-what-the hell-is-this-ugly-man-baby, by grossing a total thus far of 136 million thus far. I see Best Pic nom, and Best Actress for Rosamund Pike, who was marvelous in this pic. Kudo’s to Fincher and Gillian Flynn.

Variety has an article that says Jake Gyllenhaal could make a push for a dark horse best acting nom, in the highly creepy, late night sleepy Nightcrawler. Gyllenhall looks good as a guy with opaque fashion sense and slicked back hair as if the late great Al ”crazy-legs” Bundy lent him his wardrobe as a sign of good faith for passing the skeevy flaccid American male loser archtype. 

J Law bought a house. I'm surprised she didn’t build it herself, come up with the concept of architecture, and found her own masonry league to construct the house. Like everything else, she has the answers to the universe but doesn’t care to show them, only show us that she has them. Can’t you tell I don’t like her?

Taylor Swift is taking over the world with her passive aggressive pop-rock by having the biggest week on sales since 2002, with 2.1 million units sold for her album 1989. No one I know likes Taylor, I’m not even sure Taylor likes Taylor. I just know she is doing her thing and owes her whole career to Kanye West performing stage seppuku on her at the MTV Awards in 2009. Anyways enjoy your success Taylor, just please trying to shake something that you have no business shaking because if anyone looked at your behind, they could tell your ass is “out of business.” 
The need... the need for your pop culture news feed.

Steve Carrell joins Gore Verbinski thriller. Excellent news about Carrell, a very good actor who doesn't get enough talent for his dramatic work. Verbinski has a new thriller coming out without much information attached to it except that it's termed as a paranoid thriller.

Purge 3 is in the works because part two worked and had a strong performance of new badass heartthrob, Frank Grillo. Part three is coming and frankly, can’t get here quick enough.

New mom ScarJo is going to do a passion project drama based on someone named Edith Wharton (yawn) where she plays a Midwesterner trying to make it in the bright lights and big city of NYC. Coming to Sony Pictures TV and seen by no one.

If there is no Downey, there is no Iron Man. Downey is Iron Man and right now in the middle of negotiations to renew his contract of the watershed avenger. Earlier in the week, Downey hints that things were positive, then later in the week declared that things were off. All I know is someone better kiss his self congratulatory ass, 'cause this man jump started Marvel studios bankability and that is the truth! Anyone who tells you otherwise is semi-stupid.

The corpse formally known as Jeff Goldblum, stated earlier this week that a sequel for Independence day is “brewing” like a watered down bitter pot of shitty morning coffee. Roland Emmerich stated that as of right now it’s not looking as if Will Smith will be a part of it since his price is out of the range of level of movies Emmerich terribly makes. Look – No Smith, no movie. Goldblum is not the one.

WB’s TV hero series, The Flash, whiplashed ratings coming in big its debut episode.

 Heisenberg is starring in a thriller called The infiltrator or, a movie where people declare Heisenberg is in another movie.

Jay Leno is coming back to TV. He is looking to stab someone in the back and steal their show about cars. He hasn’t found that person yet ,or that show, but he has the set of knives ready. All I’m saying is beware to those fugly british blokes from Top Gear.

NERD ALERT! Holy “I’m going to buy these but don’t know what to do with them” Batman! USPS has a set of limited edition Batman stamps out. Anything with Batman is a gift that keeps on giving. 

EW explains why the Secret Wars movie or cinematic saga could be too much. I say you can never have enough Secret Wars, the seminal most visionary story arc of Marvel in the late 80’s. Oh...you know what EW, SHUT UP!! Just give the movie a “B+” like everything else that comes out.

Waka Flocka arrested for gun possession in Atlanta. In other news, water makes you wet. Plus, if Waka Flocka Flameout walked by you on a street would you even recognize him? Remember the good old days when DMX, would raise shit and we would laugh it off and still buy his CDs? Oh man, hip hop, where did you go?

Lebron and his new show on Starz. Um ok – I can’t wait for the day when basketball players are no longer “crossovers meet conglomerates” celebrities and focus on their defense, not their twitter handle and brand.

This is a good move by Archer. ISIS is really running some foul shit out there that is making Obama’s head spin. Never one to see creative artistic control changed, but this is a good move.

One of SNL’s underrated players, Jan Hooks, died. She was the precursor to Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Tina Fey and made it ok to be laughed with but still keep femininity sexy without spoofing it. R.I.P.

Lena Dunham can do know wrong. If she wanted to make the Bible into an HBO half an hour short set in Brooklyn it would be on point. Mostly everyone in the old testament comes with hipster beards anyways.

Super Troopers 2 is happening. Why not, the first one was funny for 3/4ths of the movie with a bizarre end. Still enjoyable, and its not like any of these guys amounted to shit outside of there little known sophomoric stunted humor. Basically, I can’t wait. Don’t Judge.

Clooney shut down nerd world with his handsomeness. He is doing promo’s for Brad Bird’s tomorrowland. Oh did I mention “Clooney” and “handsomeness”? Just checking.

This is the movie that created itself. Lego Batman is getting his own movie. Really though, The Lego Movie was all about Will Arnett and the character, so couldn’t we say this is a sequel of some sorts? Either way, Lego, you are some smart MOFOS.



The need... the need for your pop culture news feed.
Big Paul T. Anderson fan here and so glad to see he is collaborating with Phoenix after the studious ‘The Master.’ This looks to be one of Anderson’s funnier movies, with Josh Brolin making the most impact in an already impactful trailer.

Amanda Bynes is up to no good per usual. Could be worse, she could be coming out with ‘She’s the Man 2,’ which is plausible due to reports of a “disheveled appearance” when pulled over. This girl is a white hot mess!

So, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is getting a sequel, titled ‘Green Dragon’.

Fincher acknowledged that he had minor talks to become involved in Star Wars Episode 7. To the shock of no one, Fincher was looking for a darker tone, and from the point of view of the droids, with their internment, as essential space opera slavery.

William Shatner decided that travel commercials weren’t enough to stay relevant, now he is trying his hand at cooking shows. After that, he will be fixing up and repairing old broken down starship vessels on the DIY Network, that are landlocked in the backyards of suburbia everywhere titled “This Old Enterprise.”

Johnson is starring in the "Jansen Directive" as a secret agent. This sounds like the right project for him to come in third again at the box office opening weekend. 

During a recent Q&A Larry David, mentions that he feels after 8 seasons, since 2011, he doesn’t have enough ideas to warrant another season of Curb Your enth Let me be the judge of that. You stick to being my Meta George Castanza. 

Yes, the Tetris movie is a real thing.. But I will wait to the Dr. Mario game is released as a trilogy, because folks, honestly THAT’S the film we are all waiting for. 

Everyone loves Tom Hanks and everyone loves ‘BIG’ the movie, so everyone should love the TV show in production with some guy that isn't Tom Hanks. Makes sense to me. Actually, this might not be a bad idea for FOX, cause Jack Bauer isn’t getting any younger, and may now need TWO days to save the world instead of one.

FOR THE FUCKERY OF FUCK'S SAKE! Why? I’m sure Stephanie Meyer is somewhere purchasing a new island.

Speaking of Netflix forcibly taking souls like fat kids taking more than their share of Halloween candy –  signed Adam Sandler's his dumb ass and his dumb ass movies to a four picture deal that no one but analyst insiders give a shit about. Thank you for taking him, and bigger thank you if you don’t bring him back. 

The long awaited and highly anticipated zombie parody flick, ‘Zombieland’ is finally getting its sequel.

More turnover at Greendale. Shirley is leaving, and the show will never be the same as more and more of its members are dropping off the wayside of this once brilliant, but flawed not-so-mainstreamed show.

This, in my humble opinion, would have been Marvel’s best character casting since Downey Jr. for Iron Man. It felt right, looked right and smelled so right, that we all knew it wasn’t meant to be.

Gus Fring is bringing his delicious bucket of chicken to feed all of those starving 99 cents a day kids in the Maze Runner. With the fight of child malnourishment vanquished, we can see Giancarlo Esposito back on the big screen, where he belongs, suavely fucking up somebody’s maze sprinting groove in the sequel.

Why the hell is "Now You See Me" getting a part 2? And why is Daniel Radcliffe attached to it?! Was the first one that great or made that much money where we all need this in our lives before we all pass on?

The Rock confirmed proudly that he will be in the new Baywatch movie because obviously the Rock can do no wrong when it comes to choosing roles. Oh Rock, I hope one of your mindless eye candy to be co-stars knows CPR because after this, your career is going to need resuscitation. 
The need... the need for your pop culture news feed.
Godzilla 2 gets a release date in 2018 to improve upon the lethargic first one.

Bad Boys 3 is happening. Why not? Martin needs a comeback and Will just needs to stop being a stagemom.

A Kate Plus Eight special is coming in December. Apparently TLC can't stop ruining America. Time to break out our Ed Hardy shirts!

Amid news of early production woes, Marvel finally has started filming its new “C” level superhero darling, 'Ant-Man.' Somewhere, Edgar Wright is sipping Mai Tais, chilling. 

"Lachey's Bar" is a docuseries about brothers, Nick and Drew Lachey. Hey, it worked for the Wahlburgs and its "A" List Academy Award nominated actor and producer sibling so it should work two middling 90s boy banders in a middling pop band. I see gold, Jerry, GOLD!

::FINGERS CROSSED:: I hope this is the one for The Rock I really do or else I will jump off a cliff or watch my copy of “The Rundown” DVD, not sure what’s worse.

I like Rodriquez, and here are his best 10 movies, which should have been hard to find. 

Bale, Blanchett, Serkis and Cumberbatch, Americans need not apply – sorry Lindsay Lohan. 

Second part of Kevin Smith’s “True North” trilogy. Looking forward to seeing Johnny Depp returning to his horror comedy roots since Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Can't say I'm surprised by this because what else does AMC have? They all can’t be the Walking Dead. I'm more shocked Low Winter Sun didn’t pan out derp! 

Billy Crystal showing love is an excellent touch. Proves that Robin Williams was a comic’s comic. 

This is a good move. Yates did a heroic job on the Potter series. Bring on the trilogy, say Avada Kedavra to your money, bitches! 

Jennifer Lawrence possibly joining Tarantino's, The Hateful Eight. Ok? I don’t hate this as much as I hate her possibly being a part of it. I know my JLaw fatigue has set in. 

CHRIS “MUTHAFUCKING” PRATT!!!!!! That is all (Man Crush horns are sounding as we speak).

Pee Wee is still alive!! Is he bringing back the talking blue couch from the playhouse too??