Nolan's time and space epic that no one is talking about.
TEN... NINE… EIGHT… SEVEN… SIX… FIVE... A looming countdown is the connective spine at the heart of the trailer adding to the anticipation of the characters launching into the great unknown frantically gripped with a mix of fear and wonderment. Han Zimmer’s score, per usual soars and gives the trailer a feeling of not aspiring to reach the stars but actually able to do so. Love is the most apparent theme that drives McConaughey to become a heartlanded, yahoo, earnest astronaut, as he promises to his young daughter that he is leaving, and he is leaving to prove his love for her. You get the usual wonderful placement and blocking with Nolan’s IMAX compositions with strong side to side camera action. Anne Hathaway, ditched the catskin and night goggles, to be the female concerning monotone voice of reason. Predicated by all of this is that there seems to be strong parallels of flashbacks in McConaughey’s reality merging with Chastain’s adult longing real timeline. 

So, with the demonstration of tremendous thundering cinematic power placed into the trailer, and the brand name of Nolan, why is no one excited or anticipating this movie? This is Christopher Nolan we are talking about here. He is box office money. Big Box Office money. He set the IMAX world on its over-leansed ears and practically reinvented what direction you could go with superheroes. But for some reason or another a collective meh is transcribed with a casual malaise. Interstellar is impressive, but at a cost - we expected it to be. Are we at the point with Nolan’s films that because he doesn’t have to prove anything, we don’t have to prove our anticipation with film nerd gusto? I don’t think so, but I do think with this particular movie, based upon its limited news, and purposefully crafted trailers that seemed creatively contractually bound by narrative non-disclosure agreements, there is a groundswell of people clutching dollar bills. I honestly still feel this movie will do well and by all accounts be another solid to very good movie feather in Nolan’s cap. It doesn’t look like Inception as much as it’s looking like Prestige. And I own Prestige, but it didn’t light the world of fire. To me, after all, he is commandeering at certain filmmaking level where no matter what he does, his fans will turn out, and honestly how many directors now a days can pull that feat off? 

I for one like the trailer and feel it gives me enough but not the whole plot. And to their credit, I say "HA-ZA" with movie trailers practically giving you all the details in 2 – 3 minute spots and some with four different trailers coming out in succession on Youtube; it’s shamefully to the point where you could faintly put together a jigsaw puzzle to the actual critical details of a movie. Interstellar has a lot of promise that will obviously transcends themes, just as much as Hathaway’s didactic speech about love. However, I hope we are not at the point of taking Nolan for granted, because his filmmaking deserves much more than that: regardless of whether we don’t know or care to know what retread space ideas could be explored, or possibly won’t be, in this movie, I’m buckling my safety belt. Nolan is Nolan and that is good enough for me and definitely more than good enough for anybody else.
0:33  |  You get the first shot of the ship, which looks cool and expected. No Xenomorph’s were killed in the making of this movie!!    

1:04  |  What is that??? Three things stood out to me: 1) It looks like a Black guy not named Morgan Freeman is in this film 2) It looks like a liquid sleeping chamber perhaps? 3) It’s a black guy in a liquid sleeping chamber. I hope it doesn’t foreshadow a death cause we got to keep out minority characters alive, Nolan! 

1:18  |  McConaughey’s character says to a little girl, “I love you” who I assume is his daughter, and is Jessica Chastain’s younger self.

1:44  |  The first time you see an actual planet that the crew lands on. The ice planet looks vivid under Nolan’s IMAX camera, but my gut is telling me there is danger with this planet than meets the eye. This IS Nolan we are talking about after all.     

2:07  |  Topher Grace sighting?? He still alive and making films??? Damn... :mind blown:



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