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This Week, Audy and Elvin discuss the brawny John Wick, if there is a franchise forming and its place upon action films.
Also they discuss how the box office wasn't receptive to John Wick, and how that might not that bad as you think. 

 Audy:  “Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back” - John muthafuckin wick homey, so how we do we feel about the movie?

 Elvin:  Man..Can i get a prequel and a sequel?

Audy:  At the same time lol - what did you think about the movie?

Elvin:  I’m going to give it 3 and a quarter solid stars and hell making a small deduction for being a little short on time and so bad ass that I wanted more

Audy:  What did you like about it man, specifically?

Elvin:  first, the music really added to the story..I mean it’s not Hans Zimmer level, but it worked perfect for the story second, there really wasn’t a whole lot of dialogue but what was there was perfect mix of serious and humor like they just acted without words and it said more than if they were speaking

and the action..Damn if i was writing a tagline, it would be “Neo finally came to the real world”

Audy:  Man I wholeheartedly agree

I give it 3.0 stars and a fuck yeah - this is a walking & talking “Esquire Magazine” action film - I mean how banging was the Club scene with the song beats synced up with him blastin’ off dudes faces?

 Elvin:  fuck yes man reminded me a bit of that scene in the second matrix where they are about to go into the club

Audy:  You know I'm a bigger fan of second Matrix than most people, it’s much better than people give its credit for I really loved the humor and self awareness

Elvin:  Exactly my I said I really want a prequel because there seemed to be so much mystery about the group and their rules and procedures and the Continental

Audy:  LOL, I mean my man went fucking H.A.M. cuz they killed his fucking dog!!

Elvin:  Its like my man shorty died (fine ass Brigette Moynihan) and then in two days you steal his car and kill his parts of the movie were when people were like you did you know what.. you did and to who?..even the Russian kids dad was like oh fuck

Audy Yeah - that is what also separated this movie than others - it was the workmanlike day to day energy you see, like the real business decisions and world you have to abide by - the code if you will. The bad guys were scared of Wick, but they still had a job to do its usually the other way around where is the good guy afraid of the bad guys but, not this time

 Elvin: Russian dude was torn he didn’t want to give up his son but he didn’t want to feel that repercussions..

Audy:  The Russian dude was funny as a muthafucker he had me dying in the whole film

What didn't you like about it man?

Elvin:  honestly..only real thing was just that it was short for an action movie..

Audy yeah - It was fine as far as the length because I could tell taht cause Stunt Doubles were the directors of this, and the script was real basic, which was fine - What did you think of Keanu? Considering his line of work recently?

 Elvin:  Definitely the best thing he has done in years..I kinda liked the Man of Tai Chi he did, 47 Ronin was just not that good..but he def needs to do more things like this..guess he part of the over 50 club of badassness with Denzel and Liam

Audy:  Basically, what worked in this film with him, the material?

Elvin:  I think it drew from his fighting skill, stuff he learned in Matrix..probably some of the stuff he has done the past few years when he was mostly MIA

Audy:  Well it’s never the action that is in question with Keanu - It’s that when directors ask more from him to emote, you are not going to get an effective Keanu. I loved him in this movie because he was essentially a man with no name - cept for his is John Wick. I mean he reminded me of those early Clint Eastwood movies archetype the silent Cowboy, says little with his words, but speaks volumes with his actions what do you think?

Elvin:  oh i agree..the strong silent kind of character..i definitely picked up early on he was going to speak few words but carry a big ass whooping stick

Audy:  right keep him limited emotionally but let his stoic-ness, if that's a word, play off the comedy and the players around him.

What did you think of the other people like Dafoe, our buddy Alfie Allen from GOT etc

Elvin:  it was a pretty well rounded cast..basically everyone was someone i knew..not really super mega stars but all played their parts perfectly

Audy:  I love Ian McShane and Defoe

Elvin:  yes..i give Defoe my MVP I did think he was gonna try to sell out his boy but then you see he really had his least one person value friendship above money..oh and i also love how the movie just ends, not with a tease like oh we want to do a sequel..but fuck I want more john wick

Audy:  Dafoe was good, he was Defoe, but it’s not only his character that made his role worth it, it was what it represented, him McShane, Iguzamo all of them even the guy from those insurance commercials, it makes sense cause the movie didn't take its message seriously, as it took the action. My MVP is the father he was brilliant

Elvin:  yeah he had a lot of balls..especially at the end, like did you really think you were gonna win a one on one battle with John with nothing more than a knife

Audy:  Right it was like come-on and I'm not mad at the lack of a quality opponent because moves were done in a real time reality -  So why didn't anyone see this movie you think?

Elvin:  well I think Keanu has been out the mainstream for a bit..

Audy But it’s not like Keanu is a complete stranger, yes he had dipped since Matrix - but that can't be it. This movie, like Edge of Tomorrow deserved better don't you think?

Elvin:  I do think so especially with its rotten tomato rating maybe word of mouth will help

definitely exceeded my expectation

Audy:  true, I feel we are at a shift in moviegoers where the millenlienal generation is now dominating box office receipts. And everything now is Franchise driven especially with Superheroes - I feel people want more of a guaranteed thing nowadays. Do you agree with that man?

Elvin:  True it’s all about getting good numbers and getting repeat business..but i am seeing more of a trend this fall with movies that are lower budget with big name stars that are killing it lower more profitable films should be the new trend - like Birdman I want to see alot

Audy: Yeah saw Birdman. Birdman is an arthouse movie that conceits as a big budget film of the very genre is destroys critically in the film of commercialism v. true art

I feel with Wick man, one hand it saddens me cause I like to see people watch good movie's compared to the bullshit 'The Judge' with Robert Downey but then another part makes me feel like I'm in this cool underground, skull and crossbones club that exclusively supports and knows about only Wick you know?

Elvin:  Yeah true that

Audy:  So where do you think Wick will stand in the action genre say in five years, what is this movie's legacy?

Elvin:  box office numbers I don’t think it’s gonna do too much higher in the US..maybe one of those that makes more money overseas..but perhaps it gets life when it hits dvd..gains a cult following

Audy:  I won't say this is Raid Redemption but pretty damn close man so what do you give it ultimately?

Elvin:  I’ll stick with my 3 1/4  absolutely hell yeah..please movie gods give us more wick

Audy:  I'm going to give it a 3 out of 4 "SICK WICKS" and a hell yeah


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