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Big Paul T. Anderson fan here and so glad to see he is collaborating with Phoenix after the studious ‘The Master.’ This looks to be one of Anderson’s funnier movies, with Josh Brolin making the most impact in an already impactful trailer.

Amanda Bynes is up to no good per usual. Could be worse, she could be coming out with ‘She’s the Man 2,’ which is plausible due to reports of a “disheveled appearance” when pulled over. This girl is a white hot mess!

So, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is getting a sequel, titled ‘Green Dragon’.

Fincher acknowledged that he had minor talks to become involved in Star Wars Episode 7. To the shock of no one, Fincher was looking for a darker tone, and from the point of view of the droids, with their internment, as essential space opera slavery.

William Shatner decided that travel commercials weren’t enough to stay relevant, now he is trying his hand at cooking shows. After that, he will be fixing up and repairing old broken down starship vessels on the DIY Network, that are landlocked in the backyards of suburbia everywhere titled “This Old Enterprise.”

Johnson is starring in the "Jansen Directive" as a secret agent. This sounds like the right project for him to come in third again at the box office opening weekend. 

During a recent Q&A Larry David, mentions that he feels after 8 seasons, since 2011, he doesn’t have enough ideas to warrant another season of Curb Your enth Let me be the judge of that. You stick to being my Meta George Castanza. 

Yes, the Tetris movie is a real thing.. But I will wait to the Dr. Mario game is released as a trilogy, because folks, honestly THAT’S the film we are all waiting for. 

Everyone loves Tom Hanks and everyone loves ‘BIG’ the movie, so everyone should love the TV show in production with some guy that isn't Tom Hanks. Makes sense to me. Actually, this might not be a bad idea for FOX, cause Jack Bauer isn’t getting any younger, and may now need TWO days to save the world instead of one.

FOR THE FUCKERY OF FUCK'S SAKE! Why? I’m sure Stephanie Meyer is somewhere purchasing a new island.

Speaking of Netflix forcibly taking souls like fat kids taking more than their share of Halloween candy –  signed Adam Sandler's his dumb ass and his dumb ass movies to a four picture deal that no one but analyst insiders give a shit about. Thank you for taking him, and bigger thank you if you don’t bring him back. 

The long awaited and highly anticipated zombie parody flick, ‘Zombieland’ is finally getting its sequel.

More turnover at Greendale. Shirley is leaving, and the show will never be the same as more and more of its members are dropping off the wayside of this once brilliant, but flawed not-so-mainstreamed show.

This, in my humble opinion, would have been Marvel’s best character casting since Downey Jr. for Iron Man. It felt right, looked right and smelled so right, that we all knew it wasn’t meant to be.

Gus Fring is bringing his delicious bucket of chicken to feed all of those starving 99 cents a day kids in the Maze Runner. With the fight of child malnourishment vanquished, we can see Giancarlo Esposito back on the big screen, where he belongs, suavely fucking up somebody’s maze sprinting groove in the sequel.

Why the hell is "Now You See Me" getting a part 2? And why is Daniel Radcliffe attached to it?! Was the first one that great or made that much money where we all need this in our lives before we all pass on?

The Rock confirmed proudly that he will be in the new Baywatch movie because obviously the Rock can do no wrong when it comes to choosing roles. Oh Rock, I hope one of your mindless eye candy to be co-stars knows CPR because after this, your career is going to need resuscitation. 


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