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Steve Carrell joins Gore Verbinski thriller. Excellent news about Carrell, a very good actor who doesn't get enough talent for his dramatic work. Verbinski has a new thriller coming out without much information attached to it except that it's termed as a paranoid thriller.

Purge 3 is in the works because part two worked and had a strong performance of new badass heartthrob, Frank Grillo. Part three is coming and frankly, can’t get here quick enough.

New mom ScarJo is going to do a passion project drama based on someone named Edith Wharton (yawn) where she plays a Midwesterner trying to make it in the bright lights and big city of NYC. Coming to Sony Pictures TV and seen by no one.

If there is no Downey, there is no Iron Man. Downey is Iron Man and right now in the middle of negotiations to renew his contract of the watershed avenger. Earlier in the week, Downey hints that things were positive, then later in the week declared that things were off. All I know is someone better kiss his self congratulatory ass, 'cause this man jump started Marvel studios bankability and that is the truth! Anyone who tells you otherwise is semi-stupid.

The corpse formally known as Jeff Goldblum, stated earlier this week that a sequel for Independence day is “brewing” like a watered down bitter pot of shitty morning coffee. Roland Emmerich stated that as of right now it’s not looking as if Will Smith will be a part of it since his price is out of the range of level of movies Emmerich terribly makes. Look – No Smith, no movie. Goldblum is not the one.

WB’s TV hero series, The Flash, whiplashed ratings coming in big its debut episode.

 Heisenberg is starring in a thriller called The infiltrator or, a movie where people declare Heisenberg is in another movie.

Jay Leno is coming back to TV. He is looking to stab someone in the back and steal their show about cars. He hasn’t found that person yet ,or that show, but he has the set of knives ready. All I’m saying is beware to those fugly british blokes from Top Gear.

NERD ALERT! Holy “I’m going to buy these but don’t know what to do with them” Batman! USPS has a set of limited edition Batman stamps out. Anything with Batman is a gift that keeps on giving. 

EW explains why the Secret Wars movie or cinematic saga could be too much. I say you can never have enough Secret Wars, the seminal most visionary story arc of Marvel in the late 80’s. Oh...you know what EW, SHUT UP!! Just give the movie a “B+” like everything else that comes out.

Waka Flocka arrested for gun possession in Atlanta. In other news, water makes you wet. Plus, if Waka Flocka Flameout walked by you on a street would you even recognize him? Remember the good old days when DMX, would raise shit and we would laugh it off and still buy his CDs? Oh man, hip hop, where did you go?

Lebron and his new show on Starz. Um ok – I can’t wait for the day when basketball players are no longer “crossovers meet conglomerates” celebrities and focus on their defense, not their twitter handle and brand.

This is a good move by Archer. ISIS is really running some foul shit out there that is making Obama’s head spin. Never one to see creative artistic control changed, but this is a good move.

One of SNL’s underrated players, Jan Hooks, died. She was the precursor to Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Tina Fey and made it ok to be laughed with but still keep femininity sexy without spoofing it. R.I.P.

Lena Dunham can do know wrong. If she wanted to make the Bible into an HBO half an hour short set in Brooklyn it would be on point. Mostly everyone in the old testament comes with hipster beards anyways.

Super Troopers 2 is happening. Why not, the first one was funny for 3/4ths of the movie with a bizarre end. Still enjoyable, and its not like any of these guys amounted to shit outside of there little known sophomoric stunted humor. Basically, I can’t wait. Don’t Judge.

Clooney shut down nerd world with his handsomeness. He is doing promo’s for Brad Bird’s tomorrowland. Oh did I mention “Clooney” and “handsomeness”? Just checking.

This is the movie that created itself. Lego Batman is getting his own movie. Really though, The Lego Movie was all about Will Arnett and the character, so couldn’t we say this is a sequel of some sorts? Either way, Lego, you are some smart MOFOS.





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