This week: Horrible Bosses 2

written by Lhynette Alejandro

Three reasons why I enjoyed Horrible Bosses 2:

Uno: The amazing chemistry between the three main characters definitely played a huge part.

Dos: You have the ever so stupidly hilarious Charlie Day, the horndog of a single guy, Jason Sudeikis...and between the two, Jason Bateman as the father figure who looked after the group, convincing everyone "we are not going to see mother fucker jones, because we are not going to kidnap anyone."

Three: The dialogue was fast and witty-usually this banter was between Day and Sudeikis. The kind of sarcastic humor I was hoping for was there...and it was definitely shown in the first scene where the three characters are on a makeshift morning TV show...introducing their "shower buddy" invention. Once I picked up the interaction between the three characters in the first scene, I was convinced that the movie will be peppered with unexpected funnies! 
The fact that the sequel wasn't a repeated sequence of events from the first movie from the over usage of name dropping to clichéd super exhausted older white guys trapped in Hangover movies really impressed me. I wasn't interested to "re-watch" what I had already seen with the first one. Horrible Bosses 2 had the same concept as the first movie but that was it. We hate our boss...and we do horrible things. I get it, pretty simple plot and very simple to just re-use the idea over and over again. But the sequel involved previous characters as resources, and almost a new set of characters who contributed to the story line in a fresh perspective. For example Dave Harken played by Kevin Spacey as their advisor for their new company, who the trio would frequently visit to ask advice from...I must say, with the 5 scenes they had Kevin Spacey in, he was hilarious. To me, the movie wasn't just a boring repeat of the same events from the first movie, it stood by itself.

As funny as this movie was, it tugged on my heart strings a bit: here are three guys, they’re average normal dudes, who are just tired of getting dicked around by their superiors. They have hopes and dreams...and they just want to succeed! I related to it a bit I’ve been there, being a member in the working force. It was relatable to me. There was a scene where Dale's former boss, played by Jennifer Aniston, ended up in a hotel room with the trio and all she ever wanted was to sleep with Dale. And as soon as I thought Dale was finally going to give in to the temptation, he ended up shoving Aniston in the bathroom to go after his wife and save his marriage. I'm not saying I'm out here trying to do the same thing these guys are doing to their bosses, but the characters are relatable because work life has thrown these frustrations at us and it's just entertaining to see some of our thoughts about our bosses acted out in this movie. 

My random thoughts on the movie:
  1.  Why would your buddy be in the shower with you? "WHY WOULD YOUR DAD?!?!"
  2. Bringing back the oldies - Aniston, Pacey and MOTHERFUCKER JONES.
  3. I am going to start using "fight clubbing" in my vocabulary.
  4. Chris Pine looks so skeezy weasel in this movie.
  5.  I think i just saw the whole movie watching this damn trailer.

2 out of 4



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